Marke Beschreibung

For the Love of Football

The idea for the new exclusive fashion label Hackentrick was born on an old grand football field, which has since given way to a new artificial lawn facility. Here, the founder Diddo Ramm spends a lot of his time, as a coach, referee and chairman of a district club in Hamburg. The ‘Back-Heel” is a simple but effective trick practiced widely by amateur and professional footballers alike.

He always wondered, what would you wear if you did not want to wear a jersey? What do you wear when looking for exclusivity, character and high-quality products? So how do you express your love for football?

“I want to create a brand for football fans and football lovers. Like-minded, who show that they love our sport in all its facets. The Hackentrick is for me the symbol, that it is not exclusively about the result, but the love for the game. Whoever carries a Hackentrick-Poloshirt shows elegantly the true nobility of football, “says founder Diddo Ramm.

That is why he founded the label Hackentrick and developed it in loving little work. Hackentrick convinces with first-class clothing products and initially specializes in exclusive poloshirts made of the high-quality and comfortable Polopiqué fabric. But this is only the beginning.

“A Hackentrick poloshirt is also worn when you are not present in a game, when a jersey just does not fit and when you are traveling with friends or with the family. It is the perfect poloshirt for everyday life and leisure, which also expresses belonging and style. Football has nothing to do with crocodiles and polo players. Football belongs to the footballers. The fun, the community, the feeling for me the sport so unique, I would like to share with others. ”

Hackentrick, these are poloshirts for football lovers with character.
Show off your love for football with a poloshirt from Hackentrick!
Left: Ramm (center) with the Futsal national players Winkel (left) and Meyer (right)